Fusta watercourse

Fustavasssdraget consist of the River Fusta, the lakes of Fustvatn, Mjåvatn, Ømmervatn and Luktvatn. Besides we have the Herringriver upstreams of Fustvatnet, and other exciting stretches between the lakes.

Fusta is much narrower and shorter watercourse with a seasonal water flow of between 20 and 60 m³/sec. The river runs from Lake Fustvatnet north of Mosjøen down to the Vefsnfjord at Skaland. Fusta is about 8 km long and is a fantastic river for sea trout fishing. You can literally see that it’s “bubbling” with fish under the Forsmofors river waterfall, 5 km up the river.

Currently all angling downstrem the fishladder is not allowed

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