Inland fishing

In this region, we can offer several thousand fishing lakes and many rivers. There is something to suit everyone, including those who want to fish near the road as well as those who prefer to hike for a few hours in the mountains, in search of a dream lake and peace and tranquillity.
If you are fishing on crown land in the river Vefsna upstream from the Laksforsen waterfall, you may use Statskog’s national fishing licence.

Fish stocks in the region comprise mostly trout and Arctic char. In the river Vefsna upstream from the Laksforsen waterfall, there is also grayling of very fine quality. You will be able to find many lakes containing fish of excellent quality.
Ice-fishing in winter/spring in many nearby lakes can provide wonderful adventures, is exciting and comes highly recommended!

Vellykket isfiske
Sucessfully ice-fishing

Statskog manages large continuous areas in the three municipalities that comprise the Vefsna region: more than two-third of the total area of 6600 km². Much of the area is situated in mountain terrain, but there are also large forested areas.

With Statskog’ National fishing licence / Municipal fishing licence – day, week or season, you may fish with rod and hand lines for freshwater fish in the majority of lakes and watercourses on crown land in the region.

There are also two national parks, Børgefjell in Grane / Hattfjelldal and Lomsdal-Visten in Grane / Vefsn.
For fishing in Børgefjell National Park, there is also a combined licence for the entire national park.

Facilitated fishing spots in the Region:


Karneset, Røssvatn
Karneset, Røssvatn   (Trout and Arctic char)

Sandskarbekken, Unkervatn
Sandskardbekken, Unkervatn     (Trout and Arctic char)


Ved Rv73, Krutvatnet i Hattfjelldal
Kotbukta, Krutvatn         (Trout an Arctic char)


Kroktjønna     (Trout)


Tilrettelagt fiskeplass Hattfjelldal
Daningan     (Trout and Arctic char)


Bjørkåselva fiskeplass
Bjørkåselva, Røssvatn     (Trout and Arctic char)




Langvatnet ved Stavassveien, Grane
Langvatnet, Stavassveien     (Trout)


Kråtjønna, Grane
Kråtjønna     (Trout)


Antons plass, Nedre Fiplingvatn
Antons plass, Nedre Fiplingvatn     (Trout)


Stillelva, Nedre Fiplingvatn
Stillelva, Nedre Fiplingvatn     (Trout)