The Vefsna Region is full of surprises and paddling challenges, and little by little spotted as a paddlers paradise. Every year paddlers from all over the world visit our rivers and lakes.

The Region is classified among Top 5 whitewater spots in Norway.
The rivers are diverse, ranging from class three to five, offering continous action, slides and pool-drop character.

Susna, foto Mariann Sæther
Susna, foto Mariann Sæther


Kurs i elvepadling
Kayak intruction in Vefsna foto: Carl Norberg



Many of our lakes and parts of rivers are ideal to explore from a canoe.
Both novices and experienced paddlers will find new favourite spots while enjoying this quiet and pristine waterways.

Vårtur med utsikt mot Jamtfjellet
Paddling the Fisklausvatn in June                        foto: Carl Norberg