Positive prospects for future of Vefsna Salmon

The County Governor of Nordland has published an article with good news for all steakholders of Vefsna.

HERE. (only in norwegian)

News in breaf :
The process of developing Vefsna towards a high production has started. When accieved, Vefsna will probably become Northern Norways second best river behind Tana, with a potentional amount of 50 tonns of salmon catched a year.

Nordland has about 100 rivers with seperate salmon stocks. Vefsna is by far the biggest. As the matter of fact Vefsna is capable of producing as much salmon as all the other 99 assembled, when the river is fully producing.

In 2018 a big amount of salmon osprey will be planted in the best adolescence areas of Vefsna. When these emigrate to the sea in two to four years time, and return as salmon of middle or large size, the natural production of salmon will increase. Maybe the ambition of 50 tonns can be reached already after only five years?

foto: Snorre Nicolaisen